Dangerous cannabis side effects

Marijuana is also known as cannabis. Different people, have given it different names like weed, herb, pot and others. Marijuana is a plant, that is dried leaves, stem and flowers. It is mainly one of the most illegal drugs globally. It is mostly smoked, eaten and sometimes drunk. It really affects a human body negatively. Here are the core negative effects for cannabis users.

High libido – it increases sexual drive in men especially when taken in large amounts. This may lead to diseases like sexual transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS.

Makes one high – mostly when smoked, it is absorbed from the lungs to the blood stream, to the brain and the digestive system.

Infertility – unlike in men, it affects the woman sexual drive by decreasing it. Therefore, low libido, low chances of getting pregnant or no chances at all.

Affects mental health – makes the users anxious and sometimes effective depression. This may lead to mental diseases like psychosis to the addicts.

Affects the brain – it usually makes you forgetful, loose focus. It also hurts the brain severely by killing brain cells. These will surely lead to memory loss.

Appetite – it affects human appetite by increasing it. Their users mostly crave for sweet edibles. This can lead to obese through weight gain and sometimes diabetes due to sweet food stuffs.

Heart problems -Those with heart problems, can raise their heart beats from the normal ones. Heart attack and stroke can also happen.

Affects babies – pregnant women who usually use marijuana, affects the foetus negatively by affecting their weight and growth. It may lead to crossing and miscarriage.

Lungs – can lead to breathing problems. Produce colored mucus and coughs.

Un-hygiene – most weed users forget their life and neglect it. Can become dirty all of a sudden, dirty clothes, unkept hair.

Addiction – most smokers can`t stay away from cannabis as it is highly addictive just like smoking cigarettes.

Hallucinations – you are most likely to see things that don’t exist and can lead to sudden suicide.

This effective drug kills. Those people that has not used it and know its` dangerous side effects they may not like or even try it. When everyone is born, grow up to a point of admiring a good life, real sweet dreams, all that can be shut by this hectic plant. It’s good to compare its side effects. Every day people dying for assuming things. Everyone was born clever, intelligent and smart but with this. If you look at your society you would see an educated person turning to an irresponsible by stealing, raping and becoming mad. This is all because of this so- called marijuana. Stay away from it and make your young dreams come true.

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