Three Things You Didn’t Know About CBD Oil Uses for Anxiety

Anxiety is the most common form of mental disorder in the general population. It occurs in about 7% of adults. The two main methods of handling anxiety are psychotherapy and medications. CBD oil is one of the types of treatments used by individuals who choose to self-medicate. However, since CBD oil use is relatively new, it’s still not that well understood.

How CBD Oil works

The serotonin neurotransmitter plays a vital role in mental health. Anxiety and depression are commonly associated with low serotonin levels. The human body has CB1 and CB2 receptors located in the central and peripheral nervous systems. These receptors interact with CBD and alter serotonin signals.

A result of CBD oil uses for anxiety is that the CBD will interact with the CBD receptors. An alteration will happen to the serotonin receptors increasing serotonin levels. An increase in serotonin levels causes a stress-lowering effect making the user feel less anxious. It is important to note that it doesn’t work for individuals with normal anxiety levels. This is therefore a limitation when it comes to its application. 

CBD Oil Works for Various Types of Anxiety

While CBD oil use is prevalent in General Anxiety Disorder treatment, it has also had tremendous success in other anxiety disorders. CBD oil uses for anxiety have had great success in helping users manage Social Anxiety Disorders. CBD oil use success has been evident in public speakers who use CBD oil. CBD oil use has also has been effective in treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), resulting in reduced stress levels in users.

CBD Oil Use has Side Effects

CBD oil uses for anxiety are generally considered safe especially considering the user does not get the feeling of intoxication. However, a few users have reported some minor side effects, including; appetite changes, diarrhea, weight changes, and fatigue. For CBD users who are on other medications or supplements, there are some risks. The CBD oil may interact with these medications and have negative results like increased liver toxicity.

In conclusion, despite marijuana use being widely illegal and frowned upon by society, it can create products with outstanding medicinal potential. CBD oil is one such product and is usable for a variety of ailments as well as mental disorders such as anxiety. CBD oil doesn’t have any of the intoxicating or psychedelic effects meaning its use in no way negatively interferes with the brain.

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